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@diversity European Competition IDEA WINNER category "Make Culture"@diversity Competition 2013: innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in Europe.
European Commission Press Release ICT for culture: Winners of @diversity Awards announced
Archeomatica L'idea fiorentina SMartART vince il premio europeo @diversity

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Paolo Mazzanti


Graphic Web Design, Digital Cultural Heritage, Mobile Applications Learning Museum information,  User-personalization.
“I like photography and visual communication. I like also the hard challenge, in fact I am a webdesigner though I am also colour-blind.  I believe in the dialogue between cultural and technical sectors, maybe this is the reason why I work with all engineers even if I graduated in Philosophy. When I travel to a new city I visit at least one museum trying to discover something new about emotion, fruition and learning. About perception and creative act I agree with M. Duchamp when he wrote  - It is the spectator who makes the picture -“



Roberto Caldelli


Software Engineer, Development Interactive & Mobile Applications, Digital Watermarking.
“I am an assistant professor and my research activity is about secure media, mainly image forensics and watermarking. I like my work and to coordinate working team.  I am a curios engineer and open to dialogue with all forms of knowledge and experience. When my loving family allows... I love football.”




    Media Integration and Communication Center, Center of Excellence in the area of new media - University of Florence


    Alberto Del Bimbo

    MICC Director

    Professor of Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Firenze.

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