Test SMartART – Museo Galileo Florence

The pilot version of SMartART is now tested at the didactics laboratories of Museo Galileo – Florence.
Three-dimensional replicas, and interactive itineraries illustrate the history and operation of some of the most important instruments in the Museo Galileo. During the guided visit of educational workshops students and teachers can interact with SMartART icons located nearby the instruments. With the prototype Alpha 1.0 version of SMartART App Reader downloadable from PlayStore users receive multimedia additional information (text, videos and links) on Galileo’s observational techniques and scientific methods.  When they are back home/school visitors can also reuse and easly interact with the contents of their visit to learn more.



Museo Galileo staff:

Marco Berni, Andrea Gori, Maria Cecilia Foianesi, Carmen Gagliardi, Paola Scortecci
SMartART team:
Paolo Mazzanti, Roberto Caldelli, Matteo Casini
Many thanks to @diversity coaches Margherita Sani and Ludovico Solima for support on this piloting

gruppi_scuoleMUSEO GALILEO www.museogalileo.it
The Museo Galileo is one of the foremost international institutions in the History of Science, combining a noted museum of scientific instruments and an institute dedicated to the research, documentation and dissemination of the history of science in the broadest senses. The museum, the specialized library, the archives, the multimedia, photographic and restoration laboratories provide an integrated whole in the service of disseminating scientific culture, capitalizing on Italy’s technical/scientific heritage, while continuously updating research in the history of science and The Museo Galileo is home to the only surviving instruments designed and built by Galileo himself. The most important are two original telescopes and the objective lens of the telescope with which Galileo discovered Jupiter’s moons. More generally, the Museum is the repository for the priceless scientific collections of the two dynasties that once ruled Florence: the Medici and the House of Lorraine. The Museum’s international renown makes the inauguration of the Museo Galileo one of the key cultural events in the world this year technology.


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